Voodoo Doll Christ

The Voodoo Doll Christ is a piece originally created as a joke amongst friends- but one that garnered such an incredible following that we at Jmaille Leather and Fine Arts thought it would be a sin to not make it available to the public.

Each doll and each cross is hand-made. The doll measures roughly 12" x 14" while the cross is roughly 13" x 21" (rough approximation of the golden ratio). The doll is made from a thick twine while the cross is, surprise, wood. Proportions of dolls or crosses may vary

The significance of the Voodoo Doll Christ is a satire on the Catholic church's heritage in asking forgiveness when sinning via ritualistic confessions. The ritual of partaking of Christ's blood and body are also implied.

The Voodoo Doll Christ is available with the Holy Mother Mary Hairpins. Each doll is shipped via UPS due to its size. Cross may be hung on picture hangers or on a simple nail as it uses a simple twine wrap to keep it suspended. The twine may be removed in order to martyr about with the cross in hands. The Voodoo doll may also be removed and replaced for personal gratification.
Voodoo Doll Christ w/ Holy Mother Mary Hairpins $15
S / H ~ $5.50