Jmaille Leather and Fine Arts offers a selection of high quality leather products; each one handmade and produced with affectionate care. We test all of our products and promise their durability. Dragon-skin tooled pouch

Our Signature Piece is our Leather Roses. Each rose is crafted to such detail that our roses are often mistaken for the real thing. They smell real, look real, feel real and are available in many colors and styles.
Since we are more like a community than a company at Jmaille Leather and Fine Arts, we do offer the option of making customized leather pieces. Did you like a pouch you saw in an anime? Did you want a particular belt with a special arrangement of rings and buckles? Send us a sketch or description and we will see what we can do!

Those wishing to order airsoft holsters;

Please contact J and he will respond to you with pricing and information on how to order as quickly as possible. Holsters are all done custom to order.