Hand-tooled veg-tan cow hide

Jmaille Custom Leather Pouches

Jmaille Leather and Fine Arts is offering leather pouches for anything that you can imagine. We make everything from scratch and hand-stitched so anything you have we can make something to hold it! Have an all-in-one tool your wife got you for your birthday? Or maybe that calculator for figuring out numbers on the fly! Well, J has so fallen in love with the idea of leather containers that he is offering to custom make them for you.


Simply email us with dimensions, shape and preferences on how you wish to wear it and we'll make it. In fact, if you ship us what you want a pouch for we'll custom-mold a leather pouch for it so it is snug as a bug in a rug! J is patient and is also willing to work with you on everything down to the clasp and straps.

All of our pouches are made from 3 to 5 ounce leather (1/16" to 1/8") and are stitched with strong waxed threads that will hold to any wear and tear you could reasonably put our apparel too. Rivet work is done with a hand press jig or high tensil double cap hammer to give the strongest hold and best appearance you could ask.

Our pouches are all hand stained and balmed so each item available can be dyed to the color and texture of your specifications. Alterations can be made to patterns and other mediums can be incorporated. Merely ask and we shall be more than willing to accomodate!

Contact Us for quotes, prices, information and availability.