aille's Exclusive Leather Roses

This is our Signature product here at Jmaille Leather and Fine Arts, our hand sculpted leather roses!

Roses are available in red, navy blue, light blue, purple, black, yellow, ox blood and, upon special order, white.

Each rose is crafted from high quality 3-5 oz tanned cow leather where most competitors use a 1 ounce pig seude, a material that will decay after a year. The leaves are made of silk and the stem is a strong but pliable wire wrapped in special floral tape to simulate the feel of real rose stem. Our roses are all scented so they smell like real roses using an extracted rose oil; no chemical smells after a year when cheap perfumes begin to ferment.

Each rose is so well assembled that we have had people PICK UP our roses and look surprised when we tell them that they aren't real.


Cost Each: $50
S & H $8.50