European 4 in 1 Bracelet

This weave is the basis of most of the European styles of chainmailling. Each ring (except those along the outer perimeter) pass through 4 other rings. This is the weave most people think when they say "Chainmaille." Its the same weave used for Maille shirts, coifs and mantles.

This bracelet is available using clasps or seamless as shown. The metal is also available in Surgical Grade Stainless Steel in 16 gauge 1/4" ID or 18 gauge 3/16" ID or 16 gauge 1/4" ID Silica Grade Bronze

To measure your wrist for the clasped variant of this bracelet, I recommend finding the circumference around your natural wrist. Feel along your arm until you feel the lumps where your forearm bones meet your wrist bones. Measure the exact distance around your wrist at that point and then add between 1/4" and 1/2" depending on your preferences in how loose or tight you prefer your jewelry.

To find the size of bracelet you need for the seamless variant, hold your hand so the circumference around your hand is the smallest you can get. Imagine you are reaching into a cookie jar; that is the posture you need your hand to be in. Measure the widest part and subtract 1/4" and that is the size you will need. Understand, this bracelet should be sized so that when you put your hand down and relax it does not slide off. When sliding it on, you should be able to pull it over your hand with a bit of a squeeze.

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