Close up of Giraffe head

In the Eye of a Giraffe

This was taken at a nature preserve. I was riding in the flat bed of one of their trucks and taking photographs of a large herd of giraffes they had on site. We pulled up beneath a couple of palm trees that provided shade. Occasionally the giraffes would wander over to nibble from them the branches overhead.

My camera was in my hands and I was taking photos of the giraffes in the distance. In particular, there was one sitting down which I was photographing.

My camera strap, at the time, was a vivid and brilliant green. It was tacky but I could always tell when I was grabbing my camera strap amongst all my other normal accoutrements. The foliage the giraffes were eating- palm fronts- were also green. I was snapping pictures when I was aware of a head bigger than my torso trying to eat my shoulder!

Hitting the shutter key and focusing was a gut reaction. I honestly wasn't even aware I had done it! Later, when I was going over my roll of film, I was astonished to find this photo nestled amongst the rest. It was truly a lucky shot. Oh, and on a side note? Giraffe tongues are disturbingly prehensile.

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