Side of a Giraffe

Giraffe's Side

Another image taken at the wildlife preserve in Florida. Captured with a zoom as the sun was warming my back.

This is the same giraffe that appears in this image as it walked around the truck. I think I had a particular fondness of this giraffe as it led me to get some great shots that day.

The pattern of a giraffe's skin always interested me. Its a rudimentary pattern but somehow highly recognizeable. Show a picture of its hide to somebody and they know 'Thats a giraffe!' However, if you ask somebody to describe it to you, they're stumped! Rather a testiment to the brain's symbiotic relationship between right-brain and left-brain processes if you ask me!

I've always enjoyed this image as in its prints you can see the hair and all kinds of textures on the animal's side. Its rather abstract and kind of satisfying. It always feels like I could reach into this particular photo and brush at the animal's skin.

Image available in 8x12", 12x18" and 20x30" prints. All prints are done on archival grade photostock. Images are signed on the back by the artist and individually numbered.

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