Along the Hillsborough River

At the Hillsborough River

I grew up around the Hillsborough river in Florida so a lot of my photography is on and along the banks of this river. Forget Florida's mouse problem (the one created by Walt) and forget Daytona beach. If you ask me, this is the Florida that should be experienced when you visit.

I've yet to visit a place that feels as untamed and as truly organic as Florida among its many beaches and rivers.

This is a view from a tower in Lettuce Lake park looking North along the Hillsoborough river. Ibis and herons trot up and down its shores while hawks, osprey and the occasional bald eagle soar overhead. The wind whispers love poems to the trees. The occasional splash of hiding alligator rushing into the water harmonizes peacefully in the air.

Whenever I really need to find myself again, I grab a kayak or a canoe and make my way along the water's winding pathways until I know who I was again.

Image available in 8x12", 12x18" and 20x30" prints. All prints are done on archival grade photostock. Images are signed on the back by the artist and individually numbered.

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