Upriver along the Hillsborough

Upriver of the Hillsborough

This is a photograph taken up the Hillsborough river- a while North of Hillsborough State Park. At this point, I believe the river is technically in Thonotosassa or Spring Hill. It was taken around 4 o`clock in the afternoon.

These river outings mean so much to me. Its serene and almost otherworldly. While on the river, you could almost believe yourself to be the only person in the world- time having stopped for your recreation. Crickets and heron calls are the only sounds in the world and choirs of hawk cries beckon you further up the river. The poignant lick of paddle through the water and ripple along the surface felt like the only way to touch this mystical world.

In this image, the waters were so still they reflected the sky, giving the world a look of having no end to it. The sun was casting heavy shadows because it was waning so everything on the right seems to glow as if pregnant with hope. Meanwhile, the terrain on the left seems to brood at the looming of nightfall and the grasp of the wilderness.

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