Photo of the Hillsborough River

Photography Prints
From Jmaille Fine Arts

I happen to be an avid photographer and these are photos I have taken over the years. I'd show people my "portfolio" and had a few larger prints in the back of my bag. It recently occured to me I should make them available to the public after an incident on an airplane.

I had been sitting next to a little old lady. Somehow or another, we got to talking about photography. I mentioned to her that I liked taking photos and had a few on me. So I handed her the stack of pictures that I keep in my art bag.

We chatted and talked for a while as she went through my photographs. Of course, being the close proximity of an airplane, the person next to her wanted to look at my photos too and I was more than eager to oblige. When we landed, I stopped in the terminal to straighten out my bag. Upon going through my photos, I realized that several of them were now missing- pirated by the seemingly innocent old lady on the plane! I realized I wasn't as peeved as I was touched that somebody liked my photography enough to snag one of my pictures.

So! Now we offer the photography of J!

All prints are available in 8x12", 12x18" and 20x30." All prints are done on archival quality photostock so they will not fade or deminish in this lifetime. Images are signed on the back by the photographer along with a print number.Click on the images below for a bigger view along with a description of the photo and where it was taken.

Avian of the colorful persuasion A wild Turaco bird captured with a zoom lens hiding in some shrubbery.
Another image of the Avian The same Turaco as above but sneaking in a little closer.
A dragonfly on the edge of a Plumaria bush A dragonfly perched atop of a plumeria bush.
A rather close up shot of a curious giraffe Photograph taken of a giraffe at a wild game preserve.
A closeup of the side of a giraffe Close up shot of the giraffe in the above photo's side.
A family of giraffes in their natural habitat The giraffe from above and its companions at the wild game preserve.
A shot of the hillsborough river A photograph of the Hillsborough River in Hillsborough, Florida.
Another shot of the back of the hillsborough river Upriver- shot taken from a kayak- of the Hillsborough River.
another image of the hillsborough river One of the nature trails through a national park alongside the Hillsborough River
A raccoon in a tree A raccoon seen lounging in the bow of an oak tree early in the morning.
A raccoon looking at the rising sun Same raccoon as above, looking into the morning light.
A thistle- beautiful color A wild grass or thistle of some sort. Photo taken north of the Everglades.
A rather interesting bush I found A wild thorn bush. From what a guide told me, this bush grows into a tree that is covered with spines.
Its a zebra! A zebra from the nature preserve.