Raccoon's Slumber

Raccoon Disturbed

This was an image I caught while looking out a window one morning. The raccoon had fallen asleep in the bow of a tree so I grabbed my camera. It was very misty and humid out that morning so getting a photography without my lens fogging up proved to be an issue.

I believe that the shutter woke the raccoon at one point. My distance and calm did not seem to phase the raccoon so I continued snapping pictures until I caught this image of him looking at me in sleep-laced apathy. His look seemed almost accusing for waking him from a pleasant nap.

I snapped several other photos but this and this one were my favorites of the series.

Image available in 8x12", 12x18" and 20x30" prints. All prints are done on archival grade photostock. Images are signed on the back by the artist and individually numbered.
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