Thistle in a Brush

Thistle in the Brush

I took this picture just after getting a new camera. I was taking pictures of everything at that point. The bubbles in my tea, the composition of our table when my friends and I went out for chinese, the marking on the back bed of my truck that looked like Jon Stewart if you tilted your head just right- everything.

This thistle caught my eye while walking along a path so I stooped down and took a few dozen pictures and found this gem amongst them. I can never seem to fully explain it but the composition just tickles a part of my fancy and it seems to always draw other onlookers. They stare at it as if it were an alien artifact found on a martian surface. The colors are vibrant and I swear that computer monitors never do it justice.

Image available in 8x12", 12x18" and 20x30" prints. All prints are done on archival grade photostock. Images are signed on the back by the artist and individually numbered.
8x12" $30 +$6 shipping
12x18" $50 + $6 shipping
20x30" $150 + $18 shipping