Thorny Tree

Thorns of a Different Color

This is another image that always draws attention. I was told by a guide that the bush in this photo will one day grow into a tree that looks like a maple but is covered in thick spines. I believe I found this bush along a walkway near a beach. I took a photo because it was, perhaps, the meanest looking bush I have ever seen.

This photo is an image I like to call a "Beckman Photo" after the late Richard Beckman. Richard would often stare at a sculpture, photo or painting then folds his arms across his chest, lean back and tilt his head just so. After a moment he'd announce "Huh" in a surprised tone. He'd walk away with a quaint smile without saying what he liked or disliked a piece, only that he "liked it and didn't know why."

I'm not sure if it is the soothing flowers and their alluring colors juxtaposed by the piercing hostility of the flowers or the composition of the piece but this one usually gets that peculiar look I always saw in Richard Beckman's eyes. I took a few photos in a more traditional style but they don't look at all as interesting as this shot.

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