Thank you for coming to Jmaille Lather and Fine Arts™! We are always trying new things here and making new and exciting Art available. You can check for updates, specials or see if anything new has been added to our inventory from here.

4-8-08: Pricing now available and photography section is fully functional!

3-31-08: Photography section is online! Keep checking back as J's photographic repetoire expands! Pricing available shortly.

3-19-08: Photography section is up- adding more photos as the days pass!

3-25-07: Price Drop on the Voodoo Doll Christ!

3-12-07: New items available soon in Leather section! Dreamcatchers will soon be available to the public in a variety of colors and styles!

12-24-06: Format changes made for easier ordering in Chainmaille section

8-1-06: Prices for Chainmaille have been updated.

7-23-06: New mailing address!

2-9-06: I'd like to thank everyone who pointed out the broken contact link in the specials area! The offending links have been fixed and expect to see the bronze areas updated soon! The Jmaille Foundry should be up and running by mid-month!

1-25-06: New Specials added and updates to pouches section under leather!

1-3-06: Happy New Years! Jmaille Leather and Fine Arts is starting out the year with a new weave in the chainmaille section! Introducing Half-Persian 4-in-1!

10-11-05: Updated coding- users should no longer report segmented tabs in Firefox.

7-23-05: New Special up! Buy 2 or more leather roses and get a free chainmaille keychain!

7-22-05: Contact Section now has a working server-side script for more secure emailling!

7-18-05: Chainmaille section is now up and functioning!

6-02-05: Updates made to Leather section and formatting fixed for users with higher resolution

5-12-05: Maille Art pages are now up.

5-10-05: Digital Prints section updated.

5-5-05: Sculpture Section updated, Voodoo Doll Christ and Zen Checkers now available.

4-27-05: Specialty section in Leather added- going to be done by the end of April.

4-25-05: Product pages will be done soon; only have to write descriptions now.

4-21-05: We've added our Leather section! Come back soon for the product pages!

4-20-05: We've fine-tuned some of our coding. Certain visitors using older versions of Netscape and IE should no longer get broken windows in frame browsing

4-19-05: goes online! The Homepage, contact section and Art page are up.